Fit tae Dee an See in... Mintla

Antonia Uri | Fri, 22 Sep 2017

In ess section Ah’m gan tae gee ye’s a bitty o information aboot fit fun things there are tae dee and see roon aboot the North East. Each wik Ah’m gan ti cover a different place so yer gan tae be spoiled for choice fan it comes tae far tae visit fan ye’s have got a day aff!

Ah mentioned afore that Ah’ve bade aside Mintla for maist o ma life. Despite Mintla only bein a wee toon (if ye could even caa it at), it’s well worth the 50 minute drive or bus journey fae Aiberdeen tae visit, especially if yer a lover o country waaks.

Aden Country Park

Aden Park is somewye Ah’ve been gan for my hail life and still every time Ah go the experience is different! Nae only does Aden Park boast 230 acres o stunnin woodland waaks (mind an bring a loaf tae feed the deuks in the pond), there’s also the fantastic Aiberdeenshire Fairmin Museum, a play area for bairns, an ootdoor gym and mair. If aa that gets ye thirsty, theres plenty o space for a BBQ or picnic on a warem day, and an affa fine cafe for fan it’s a bit dreich and ye funcy a flycup.

Pitfour Estate

Another gorgeous pairt o Mintla is Pitfour Estate. The estate, an it’s lake has recently become affa popular wi locals and visitors alike. On a bonny nicht there’s nothin better than a wonder aroon the water whilst takin in the countryside. Ye’ll even hae the chunce tae get up close an personal wi quite a few swans! The lake is also affa popular wi onybody fa likes tae fish as it’s nae too dear tae hire a boaty for the day.

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