Miso Hungry Abz – interview with Aberdeen’s newest sushi restaurateur

The Gaudie speaks to the person behind Aberdeen newest Sushi restaurant, RGU graduate Penny Wong

Catherine Smith | Fri, 26 Jun 2020

Aspiring entrepreneur, RGU graduate Penny Wong, tells me about the excitement of launching a sushi business in the West End of Aberdeen.  Having started to work through her menu I can confirm it is delicious, and can’t wait to see the direction the venture takes!


Catherine Smith: Why did you decide to start a sushi business?

Penny Wong: I decided to start a sushi business after a year of graduating and working in the office environment.   I had realised that office life wasn’t really suited to me and seeing as I have always had a passion for sushi, I decided to launch this business. I noticed that during the pandemic that there was a lack of sushi available around the area that I stayed in, so I decided to pursue this.

Both my parents have worked in the catering/ food industry and I have always helped them out, so it made sense to go forward with this business idea.


CS: You are already getting busy, which is awesome!  What do you think has caused this success?

PW: Thank you! I think that social media has been a huge support in this process. With everyone online now, it has meant getting the word out has never been so easy.


CS: What challenges has the pandemic brought?

PW: One of the biggest challenges that the pandemic has brought is definitely supplier issues. Often it can be quite hard to get a hold of items, however, in the recent weeks this aspect is becoming easier.


CS: Do you have any tips or advice for anyone also thinking about setting up their own business?

PW: My advice would be to do take the risk, as you don't know how things might turnout and often, they can turn out surprisingly well. Also, do a vast amount of research before breaking into any market.


CS: What are your hopes going to the future?

PW: At the moment, we are currently working alongside ‘Good Friend’ who have kindly lent me their kitchen to do this all. I do hope that in the near future that the business will have its own shop and I’ll see how things go from there.  


CS: Lastly, can you tell me a bit about different types of sushi?

PW: There’s many different types of sushi but over at Miso Hungry, we focus on the two most common ones which are nigari (rice block with fish on top) and maki (which is rice wrapped in nori seaweed with either veg/fish/meat).



You can find their Facebook page with menus etc, here: https://www.facebook.com/misohungryabz/

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