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The 1975 @ P&J Live - 28th Feb

Iona Hopkinson | Tue, 17 Mar 2020


The first notes were heard around the arena as the room went black. The lyrics to the opening song from their album, titled The 1975, projected onto the screen as the band walked on stage.


The 1975 have grown in popularity for the last couple of years, and are currently touring the UK and Europe with their fourth album, Notes On a Unconditional Form (NOAUF). With only five songs released so far, the tour is a combination of the band's recent singles, along with a few fan favourites.


Their concert in Aberdeen on the 28th of last month took place at the new, cutting-edge P&J Live Arena. The venue opened in August 2019, and has seen the the band’s first time playing in the area. The concert began with the opening introduction to all the band’s albums, the self-titled song ‘The 1975’. This slow, rhythmic song transcends a sense of calm over the audience - the calm before the storm. However, it is quickly moved along when the bands lead singer, Matty Healy, begins singing the high-energy rock ballad ‘People’, with its hard core lead guitar, played by Adam Hann and intense drumming from George Daniel. The song carries angst and emotion, so much it that seems impossible not to shake your head and start screaming!


A fan-favourite from the band’s recent third album, A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships, is their song ‘It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)’, exploring the toxic relationship people can have with substance abuse. During the performance, the iconic dance routine is performed by the Jaiy Twins, the very twins who also perform in the music video for the song alongside Healy, despite Healy having injured his ankle some weeks ago. The energy from the crowd is electric as Healy comes to the front of the stage whilst dancing, metres away from the audience who are standing.


The visual effects are a major part of The 1975 and their stage presence. Throughout the song, the band are in front of digital screens projecting lyrics to songs and clips from music videos. Healy played an acoustic song for his band members, showing home footage of the band over the years, from their early days together and how they’ve evolved together. The warm lighting complimented the nostalgic feeling that could be heard in the lyrics, ‘you’re my best friends’. The band’s classic look of bold neon pink lights were also part of the performance, a subtle reflection on their earlier work and for their older fans.


The 1975 are born performers: their stage presence is magnetic and dominates any stage they come into contact with. Healy is the stereotypical front man and can command the audience with both his presence and the power he transmits with his voice through the bands heartfelt lyrics. Their concert at P&J arena is one that will be remembered in the arena's history.

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