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The how and why of the new Instagram Challenge

Oliver J. McCarthy | Fri, 24 Apr 2020

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Two weeks ago, a new challenge has appeared on the fan-favourite social out there (is it still? Or is TikTok threatening its supremacy? but that's a debate for another time...): Instagram. People have started challenging their family and friends to share with their followers a Top 9 of music records that they like.

The official hashtag is #9AlbumsThatChangedMyLife, however people all over the world have adapted it to their own taste. Some have framed it as ‘top 9 albums that have influenced me’, or ‘top 9 records I listened to while growing up’ or, simply, ‘top 9 albums cheering me up during quarantine’!

The best part of this challenge is: you can make it your own.

You can take your time scrolling down your Spotify or Google Music albums, trying to pick your favourite ones and in the meantime, why not, indulge in some of the artist’s best.

The process of evaluation for me has been an absolute blast! With the excuse to pick my Top 9 Albums to share with my followers, I ended up re-listening to my favourite records and tracks out there.

Now, to the next part: how do I do it?

The format can be of your own choosing. Some people have played around with the Bill Clinton album template, while others have collected their album covers in nifty collages.

You don’t have to pick exactly 9, either. You can work freely with your own collage and go for 4, 8...18 if you are feeling particularly brave (my cousin has done 27, see if you can beat that).The last step: tag as many as you want to take up the challenge. I have been crazy enough to challenge my cousin, who has served me the beauty of 27 records (a lot of them by Nirvana, but...some from ABBA too... which was absolutely unexpected).

It is a fun challenge for music lovers all across music genres... and the best excuse to get to know your family and friends' forbidden pleasures too.

So, get your headphones ready, select your app or arrange your own nifty collage…and share with the world!

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