Why Trump will most likely win, again

In a Trump-Biden race, the outcome may be depressingly inevitable

Robbie Kirk | Sat, 14 Mar 2020

Now don’t read this and become too sad, this is, of course, nothing more than a prediction. But as the Primaries come and go, we are beginning to see an all too similar narrative - the plucky, relatable outsider, Bernie Sanders cast aside by the MSM in favour of the establishment-friendly Mr. Joe Biden. Yes, Bernie may come back but let’s assume that the powers that be are too strong once again, and that Biden is the nominee, here is a reality check.

Now for those of you who have not witnessed the majestic sight that is Joe Biden giving a speech, interacting with voters, or even introducing his own wife, let me give you a brief summary - it’s a disaster. The former VP gives speeches no longer than 15 minutes at any one time and is all but hidden from the same cable news networks which defend him at all costs. Then there’s his record which is quite frankly there for the taking. NAFTA, TPP, the Iraq War, do these all sound familiar? Biden is somehow a less relatable Hillary 2.0, who like his predecessor lacks the policies and enthusiastic support to flood the ballot boxes with young, Latino and African American voters, come November.

Now for the real kicker - Trump is better, much better. Gone are the rants of 2016, he utilises airtime and rallies more effectively now than ever before. His speeches are streamlined and straight to the point. He hits all of the main targets in a sweeping decimation of the ‘Washington Democrats’, occasionally Obama, and of course the most likely nominee, Biden. State after state, he draws in thousands to see him speak, patrons sometimes lining up for days. Now while I may sound like a member of the Trump campaign writing this, I am trying to explain that enthusiasm for Trump has not dwindled, it has most likely grown even stronger since he took office. While yes, polls show time and time again that most Americans dislike Trump and would not vote for him, his base will most definitely flock to the polling stations to cement Trump’s position as Commander-in-Chief once again. With the social media and Fox News leviathan throwing everything against him, the safe choice of Joe Biden stands no chance against the all-too-enthusiastic hordes of always-Trumpers.


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